lunes, 17 de diciembre de 2007

A new year, a new opportunity

Este video fue publicado originalmente en un articulo del blog Palabras de Escritor y es reproducido aqui con la debida aprobación del colega.Escribo la traducción en inglés para que llegue a la mayor cantidad posible de personas.
This is the world where we live,our only planet,whether we want to see it or not. Maybe we forgot the fact that we need the same things: peace, family, health,happiness,for instance. Our world might be very different, it depends on every human being. Every new year is a new opportunity, a new beginning.
Do you know what is written,in this video? I wrote the translation below. I hope you like it. Have a happy Christmas and a happy new year too.

"Even if you don't do something for them, do something for yourself.
Theme: Ricardo Andrade, "if only you were here".
I wish you to be a better human being from now on and for ever.Life is only an instant, don't waste anything. I hope you'll have a better Christmas than them.
Happy Christmas. God bless you."

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